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 Posted: 3 September, 2014

A letter from My Pet.

🙂 ——– 🙂

My dearest and most beautiful and perfect Goddess Resha,

I love you so much my Goddess. Your face is so beautiful and perfect and it brightens my day. I will stare at it in amazement. I love it when you are smiling and happy when I amuse you, and I love it when you look more stern and controlling as well. You are my owner and I look into your eyes and there isnt a second that doesnt go by that you dont remind me of that.

I love your perfect long black hair. It is so amazing and stunning and I could stare at it as well for hours. It is such perfect hair. I imagine you whipping my ass with it, and teasing me by just barely letting me smell it because I imagine it smells so perfect.

I love your perfect breasts my Goddess Resha. They are so amazing and perfect and they turn me on so much. They are the most perfect beautiful breasts I have ever seen, and they tease me so much.

And oh how I love your feet and legs my Goddess Resha. They are so stunning and beautiful in your stockings or pantyhose, and the way you move them and display them puts me so much on edge. I am on edge right now just seeing them in your perfect pictures.

And oh my how I love your perfect and most beautiful ass my Goddess Resha. I will worship it always. My face belongs buryed between your perfect cheeks where I will service you when allowed. It is the most stunning ass I have ever seen and you have me very addicted with it and your legs and feet. My poor tied cock and balls are engorged right now just imagining it.

And of course I love your perfect pussy my Goddess when this pet is ever allowed to see it. It is the most beautiful and perfect pussy that I have ever seen, and you tease me and torture me so well with it. My suffering is great knowing that I can not cum without your permission while seeing you and edging.

And your voice and your words are so beautiful my Goddess. When you are sweet, it makes my soul feels so sweet and loved, but when you are stern with me, it really stirs my soul, making it know it’s place. You are such a expert at controlling my soul and my will and my loins as well my Goddess Resha.

Your beauty makes me so weak my Goddess and pathetic, and it’s why you own me. You own my ass which you get to torture and fuck. You own my cock and balls which you get to tease and torture. And you own my face which you get to sit on and have me cover it with cum. You own my soul and my will and of course my wallet. You have turned me into a weak little slutty pathetic worm for your amusment and pleasure.

I am lucky this way my Goddess Resha, and so happy. Thank you for lighting up my life and for taking control.

Your slutty bitch pet,


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