21+ Asian Goddess, Fetish Artist, Nylon, Pantyhose, Domme, Findom, NiteFlirt 5-Stars Flirt. Phonesex, Adult Entertainer & BDSM lover!


My Beautiful Amazing Powerful Stunning Addicting Owner Resha!!!

Thank you for Owning this Bitch Slut in HEAT! I am such a Lucky PokPok that I Belong to You!

Whether I am Staring in Awe of your Perfection and Drooling, or my Whore Hormones are BOILING, or I am Moaning like a Cow or Screaming like the Girly Bitch that I am, I am SO Lucky and Happy that I can Please you. Even the times that I SUFFER for you while you Laugh and Laugh as I Cry from the Pain, I am SO Lucky and I LOVE that I Could Please You!

And of Course now that you have Taken my Virgin PikPik ASS with the Black Dildo, so I am Properly Good and FUCKED, I AM SO LUCKY!!!!

Since I first saw your picture on CC, I was AMAZED at how Perfect and Beautiful you are my Goddess Resha!!!! When I saw your Asian Beauty and Perfect Dramatic Curves that are like Nobody Else, I knew that I wanted to be your Whore, and I wanted to be your Bitch!

You have the MOST AMAZING ASS in the World my Goddess Resha!!! It is SO PERFECT and SO BEAUTIFUL, and I LONG to Kiss it, and to have my Fuckface beneath it, struggling to Breath while Kissing or staying Still at your Command! It is Truly the Most Perfect Beautiful AMAZING shaped ASS I have ever seen in my whole LIFE!!!

And I LOVE Your Superior Cleavage my Beautiful Goddess Resha. Your Breasts are SO Round and SO Firm and SO Perfect and they Fit the Perfection of the Rest of your Amazing Body as well. I Cant take my Eyes off of them sometimes!

It might sound silly, but I LOVE the Small of your Back my Beautiful Goddess Resha!! It is Curved so nicely and is always Proof to me that your Entire Body is just Beautifully Curved in Perfection, you don’t have hardly a Flat part at all!

And I LOVE your Belly Button and Tummy my Beautiful Amazing Goddess. It is the most Beautiful Belly Button I have ever seen, and the very few times I saw you in a Bikini really Heated my Whore Hormones Up.

And I LOVE your Fingers my Beautiful Goddess. You could be a Hand Model for sure, your Hands are so Perfectly shaped and I LOVE when you make all of your Gestures. If I was your Pet in your presence, I imagine you’d train me like a Dog at times and just make certain hand signals to signify what you want me to do.

And I LOVE Your Perfect Amazing FACE my Beautiful Goddess Resha!!! I fell SO DEEPLY IN LOVE with it, and I loved it when I first saw it. I LOVE losing myself in your Dark Demanding but Sweet Eyes, your usually Painted Red or Pink Lips, and even your Perfect Asian Nose that I LOVE.

And I LOVE Your Perfect Long Legs both Bare and in your Wolfords and Full Fashioned Stockings my Beautiful Goddess Resha! They are SO Perfectly Shaped and you COMPLETELY know how to Use them to make me CRAZY and HEATED!!!!

And I LOVE your Beautiful Accent my Goddess Resha!!! Sometimes you mispronounce words but I know what you mean and it Turns me on SO MUCH and makes me so Weak!

And I LOVE your Beautiful Laugh my Goddess Resha! Especially when you say something that you know will be Embarrassing to me but it is Funny to You, and your Laugh just makes me feel a bit more Humiliated and Lower, but where I belong of Course!

And of COURSE I LOVE YOUR PERFECT HEAVENLY FEET AND PRECIOUS TOES MY GODDESS RESHA!!! You are now the only Woman who can take her Shoes off and stick your Feet in the Camera and make me feel as If I am seeing something so Very Intimate and HOT. I LOVE how they are Shaped! I love how your Toes look SO Perfect. And I LOVE every single line and wrinkle on the Bottoms of your Feet!!! It STUNS me everytime I see them, and if I was there I would immediately get on all Fours and KISS the Ground before them.

I am Happy to be your Slut my Goddess, your Whore, your PokPok, and your Dressed up Red Headed Sissy Bitch Doll in HEAT!!! I know I will SUFFER, I will Eat LOTS of my Cum, Choke on your Black Dildo and of course my PikPik will get FUCKED DEEP for you!!! I AM YOURS, and Forever will I be Useful to you as well as do Stupid Embarrassing things to Amuse You and make you Happy!!! Your Beautiful Smile and Laugh are ALWAYS Worth it my Beautiful Goddess Resha!!














– Your Bitch Slut IN LOVE with enlarged PikPik, soon to Worship your Worn Stockings and Panties

Wallet Drain satisfaction

The best part of his life when he kneel on Skype while on the Phone on #Niteflirt to hand over his saving while moaning MY meaningful name! So weak and horny for MY expensive attention. I know you need ME so much! You’re welcome!

The Right Thing

We both know how good it feels when you give in and don’t hold back. You start slow and then let it all go for ME. It’s super sexy spending your money while you’re helplessly moaning and begging ME to take more and more and more ..until you’re drain for amazing reason #Findom

MY Perfect Birthday!

MY lucky slaves did a good job to showered ME with tributes and gifts for MY perfect Birthday. You boys are so welcome I use you harder every year. So Every year that I turned 20 years old while you get older than ME, your wallet must always go down for ME by doing your duty as MY grateful servant who found meaning in life by spoiling ME rotten again and again. Next year when I turn 20 years old again you will not missed this chance of serving ME and giving ME what I already own. You work for ME always MY wanking minions.

To MY slaves that missed MY birthday or are hiding from ME, you will soon dive at MY feet and submit MY over due gifts while you take punishment I have for you. You will take MY punishment in your mouth and ass. You will gladly rub your face where ever I want, sniff and lick what I want. I only want to hear ” Yes, Goddess Resha”. You will make ME so proud of you while I stretch you naked or with panty. I’M the Boss who’s always right!

MY Mind-Fucker Twitter is back. You bow to this picture!

MY #SexyTwitter is back and running! I changed it name that sounds better and you don’t know it because your brain is freezing between your legs yah! I let you wonder and wank. Obsessed losers can jerk off and pay ME! Now, Kneel and start sending!

I Deleted Twitter

I deleted MY Twitter and Wishlist because of safety and privacy reason. MY loyal lover-subs can still interact with ME via niteflirt.com using the chat section. I have ton of gifts for this Christmas I will take a pictures of them soon and blog about them. I will post as much update here on MY website because I like you updated and heated always! MY member area will always have a new pictures of the outfit I’M wearing each time I do cam! You’re new life now is to park your ass in front of MY website reading and drooling mwah! You’re welcome!

-Your Amazing Goddess Resha

Here are some minions that deserve a mention from Perfect ME!

Short Dick Andy- You did a good job this year. You dreams so much cock to suck and stared ton of boobies and ended up sending ME more money. I know how poor you’re now and I don’t care! You will click, beg and jerk off while I watch your video over and over again. I have showed it to MY friends and they got scared of your milky fuck face!. I love it every-time you fell off the wagon. You really is a loser and you will never get better! The more you stare at Big Boobies the addicted you get so don’t look away MY boobies made you a faggy!

Paypig4life – hahahahah! Every-time I think of you I am laughing hahahah! I don’t now why but you look like your bald balls and your short dick keep falling off the wagon too! You should send ME your rent and fuck the mouse trap again for ME loser! Pay and wank-wank worthless bitch!

Bald Grand PA- You’re an ugly Friendzone forever! You can only pay and stare at ME in bikini while I take all your money. I had so much fun draining you this year! And it will be another year of you paying, wanking and no hair is growing hahahah! Your loser feed back will post here because I have no twitter anymore.

PindickJeff- Another year where you proved to ME that you can’t cum without spending so much money on ME. I love all the gifts you sent all year long. You’re nice to ME you know- hit send!

MoneySlave- Thank you for helping with MY issue on cc for sending all of MY money every month! I appreciate everything you for ME! MY legs shine with happiness each time you pay and you’r so lucky to be useful for ME!

StockingsAddict- I enjoy all your gifts all year long this year. Tons of Full Fashioned Stocking OMG! Thank you!!!! Keep smiling in front of MY image because it’s only ME who can make your smile sweeter than sugar! And I LOVE MY christian louboutin shoes from you! More shopping for ME to come with your wallet! And that smile-smile I want it moreeeee!

VirginPaypig – Yes, you aging bitch! You’re getting older and uglier and still a virgin! Again you’re in the mission of stopping Findomme but we both know it’s never work out for your pervert! You always crawl back at MY feet and beg ME to take your money. How can you stop being a paypig when you are so boring and no experience in bed? Get your pink panty on and hit send again virgin paypig! Oink!!!! really loud while I laugh at your sexless face your aging hand feels great that way!

Addicted Danny – You will never retired from wanking. MY mindfuck got your brain diluted for good!

Slutty Pammy- I appreciate that no matter how busy you are. You still find a way to shop for ME. Fucking your rain is one of MY favorite! You know I AM smarter than you!

Dr. Paypig- Yeahhhhhhhh! Those expensive giftsssss I own them all! I want to thank you and fucking your wallet over and over again is sooo much fun! Keep working hard for ME!

SissySharon – I love how loose your mangina now and you can’t stop dripping for ME! Always dribble on your Boss chair since you always finger yourself at work ME and you loving it! It’ finger licking good hahahah!

Cum Eater ED- Your addiction to ME is forever! I AM too lovely for you that’s each time you eat your cum for ME your wife has be somewhere! I hope that you save her cooking dinner for you! Cum is a complete meal too for slutty bitch like you!

SissyJen- Thank you for all the gifts and it’s so nice to know you a little. You keep shopping for ME!

Marko Polo- Thank you for all the gifts you have bought and you will buy ME more outfits so you get to worship MY boyfriend’s cum! You should fuck a used condom for ME!

Addicted Fuck face Reshas pet- I love all your gifts! You make ME smile every-time you obey ME! Thank you because you’re nice, slutty and a faggot for ME bow!

Slave-Cooper- You’re one of MY favorite cum eater. You’re so talented when you’re horny! Keep working on your dreams outside the bdsm. You will get there one day at the time!

Slave Paul- Thank you for all the gifts. You’re so naughty and Santa loves it when you wear thong to dance for ME. When I am happy, Santa want to wear thong too!

To those I have been NOT mention.. MY nails start to break here typing! So I stop now lol! Merry Christmas to all and keep checking MY Perfect Blog! THE PERFECT ASIAN BOSS RESHA!

I know that this 50 years old virgin paypig will be kneeling in front of this post fucking his aging hand. The only “thing” he can have sex with because he is so ugly with “4 1/2 inches” short penis and he is very stupid in bed that no cheap whore would ever fuck him hahahahah! I know it sounds ridiculous but what he is a “50 years old virgin loser” who gets really horny by paying ME a lot of money so his “virgin short penis” gets stiff for making love with his aging hand again HAHAHAHAHAH! This unfortunate vile creature is fucking his hand often reading this post and he will be emailing ME of how much he jerk-off for MY HOT videos, SEXY pictures, tweets, and this post! You guys can laugh at him too because he is sexually frustrated and he will remain as a virgin paypig forever. This Handfucking ATM has fucked his wallet and hand in front of ME for so many years now and he always looks so dumb wearing his “fluffy pink panty”! This virgin paypig will never know what vagina feels like.

Work, Pay, and stroke for Goddess Resha is his only sex life now, and forever! You’re welcome 50 years old virgin paypig, wank your 4 1/2 inches virgin penis for this post sooooo hard till your aging hand is sore and click the $999 tribute button! Enjoy your favorite activity ” Paying and fucking your aging hand for ME”.

Your Perfect Asian Goddess


Banbury French Heel Full Fashioned Stockings are my new favorite! Being your awesome Nylon Queen I hired you to replace MY favorite NEW Banbury French Heel Full Fashioned Stockings with 3 pairs for every pair that get ruined by ME while teasing and draining. These expensive stockings are very sexy but fragile that’s why you must haul more of them for MY superior legs and worship MY legs in them every day. Kneel and Obey NOW!!!!

Perfect Asian Goddess



Hello Losers

I have been offline a lot because I been moving MY panties and shoes for 5 days now to MY new place! And earlier today I was online and had an awesome time draining balls and wallet. It was so fun!!! It means so much to ME when I see MY victims (slut/subs/slave) huge smile after I fucked them up hehe.

Oh, Huges shoutout to MY brave faggot Skout for drinking his cum at his office FOR ME. I can’t wait for you to do it again (You’re my super faggot).

I will see you soon losers! You must Check out MY wishlist and buy everything or let your salary go, by clicking MY tributes button on niteflirt.com/missadora they are working perfectly click them and click again to let it go!

Oh, Shout out to MY victim, 50-years old virgin pay pig! His penis is so small and it’s still a virgin, it’s actually a “third nipple” hanging between his legs. This virgin paypig is a vile creature and can only fuck his hand forever!

Perfect Goddess


Hello, Losers!!!
After a long time, the update you been waiting for is here now! I know you been waiting to read something new from MY diary! I have been crazily busy and everything is doing well in MY life. To see more of MY update it’s good for your addicted ass to follow me on twitter @missadora! MY Member’s area is always updated 5 times a week.

There are so many NEW beautiful pictures of MYSELF because I enjoy taking thousands of pictures of MY pretty little self for you to worship. I look so sexy wearing MY favorite nylon (Wolford Pantyhose & Full Fashioned Stockings). If you are new to MY website and want to see what is inside. There are no naked pictures in MY member’s area. MY pictures are sexy, seductive, powerful and addicting!

I love it when you boys worship MY pictures daily and also when you worship ME live on cam and spoil ME every payday because we both know that your life would be wasted if you’re not bringing happiness to MY Goddess life! So quick reminder to you MY slave boys! Go click, Pay and shop to celebrate MY beautiful existence in this world. Kneel and obey now it’s that easy bitch!



I want to “thank” all you for being here. To all of my admirers, slaves, wankers and droolers. I like how patient I made you. I am back now. I was away for a while. Went to vacation with a hard-core flue. He clogged my precious nose for 7 days. Thanks to bio flu and Mucinex we worked together to flush Flue deep in the toilet. I am so relieved that he is gone now and I don’t want him back.

I am very happy to get back, Healthy to do my duty as your amazing Goddess and Motivator. I know how much you need me because you live to work, wank and shop for me, and your wallet makes me love you even deeper.

To those who submitted gifts for my beautiful existence, thank you very much and you may keep shopping because the “shoes and handbag factory” keep making more shoes and handbags for me. I must keep them open they are working so hard making a new design for me to own. Buy them all for me.

I want to “thank” all the wankers who pay to sang for my birthday. I really had a good time listening. It means a lot to your Asian Goddess that you were singing for my birthday. I can feel your genuine emotions coming out and to discovered that you have a hidden talent is precious.

I also want to “thank” my admirers who sent tributes and greeted me a happy birthday. You guys are really sweet and I just love having you around just remember my tributes button works well after my birthday.

I want to “thank” my addicted stockings lover for shopping tributes for new stockings. My legs in stockings are healthiest addiction for every man.

Oh! To my faggot who suck something for me in the store. Thank you. Also, thank you for fucking your ass at the gym and thank you for eating your faggot cum for my birthday and sang for me. You deserved to rock n roll everyday.

To my beautiful whore Pammy! I love the video of your Bimbo cooking project. Thank you so much for sharing your new improved sissy self. I love every second of your video. Your creativity and generosity make my world happy.

I want to say “welcome back” to my admirer that I unblock for my birthday. You remind me how beautiful I am in and out. You are welcome that you get to talk to me again and I did enjoy talking to you. I love the long call we had today for my amazing birthday. It was so nice to talk to you. Thank you for sharing me your thought about my beauty and how much you think of me. It’s nice to know that you are proudly addicted to me.

Thanks for reading this. Mwah!!!
Your Perfect Addiction


LOL! For this feedback from my Mr. Friend Z (always a great guy who respect women) is one of my long time caller and we love role plays.

In our role play… for once he was my friend that I take home and I made him watch me fuck a younger, good looking guy while I taunt my Ugly “Mr. Friend Z” friend. Every character during the role play was nourished with my “sexy words” and all character came to life in his mind while he was drooling and adoring my beauty while I was seducing him on cam. I really had a good practiced with my creativity using my imagination when I do a role play like we did and it was a lot of fun for me. It was almost like doing a colorful arts lol.

When you read something in my feedback like Mr. Friend Z wrote it doesn’t mean I really fuck young hot man on cam lol.

The young man got fucked so hard “only in Mr. Friend Z mind”. It’s is amazing how I can create something that no one can see but can make you soooo horny and only you can feel it.

So this is my answer to the question of my obsessed admirer who loves me so much and to other wankers who is now asking me if I do a live sex show with dude on cam because of what they read on my feedback in niteflirt.com.

NO- I don’t do live sex show on cam. I only do tease, role play, laugh and changes to sexy outfits and accept my wanker’s money that they “hornily” give to me to the last penny “yummy”.

I do all in my own (alone). I do My makeup, I organize my sexy clothes so they are handy. I take my videos to addict my wankers and I take my own sexy pictures and I don’t do photo shop because I don’t know how and I have no time to learn about it. I also do my own “HTML coding” for my pages design.

And I know I need to work out again hahahah! But not gonna stop eating my favorite Vanilla ice cream and KFC chicken wings. Did I mention I love rice too. I must do another post for all of my favorite food so you know why I looking so hot lol! NOW I AM HUNGRY!

P.S My Obsessed Admirer let me use his msg for this post. He is sweet and always stiff for me!


I like it when a “servant” is being thoughtful and send something like this that will help the “Asian Goddess” be relax after a long day of fun. Your “Asian Goddess” is now twice busy. I am now super busy as I am trying to open a “real life” business means “no wanking”. lol! And off course, I will continue on being such a “Perfect Goddess Asian Goddess in your life” and will continue on milking you using my exotic beauty and that means you will continue serving me, paying me and spoil me rotten. So to my slaves that I turned poorer you have no excuse! You are supposed to keep paying the Princess so she can keep spending your money. for my shoppers my wishlist are filled with many choices go shopping and keep sending more gifts even it means that you will have no dinner in the next day. You are welcome that I updated my diary. I make time for this because I am talented, so after you read this, start clicking and be useful and send a pile of adoration to my feet. Tributes and gifts and lovely e-mails for me to read. XOXOXO!


Good job MY property “small penis loser J” It makes me smile when you do your duty and to have your fingers clicking for me while they also perform as the only pussy for you. I still remember how ridiculous your “addicted loser face look” when you click $$$$$$ for me! I do enjoy watching you getting too stupid for my beauty! I can’t blame you as I am addicted to myself making you poorer and balder.


HAHAHAAHHA! I love how your ass letting everyone know who owns you my addicted pet! I love myself in this picture too! I look sooo pretty in white dress you sent me and my soooh sexy shoes from my other slave. I look like an Angel in this picture who is sent from heaven to bless you and always above your addicted face.


My Super Pet! Has been very busy lately editing my pictures! Making his upper head put perfectly down inside my beautiful shoes from him! Good job my super pet! I love it when you keep drooling for my beauty then work hard for me.

P.S he got 3 heads and they are all mine for my feet to rub all around lol!


LOL! When I first saw this picture I can’t stop laughing and I still really laugh hard each time I see this picture hahahah! His lipstick color is my favorite color pink and the way he is drooling helplessly is really good for his soul 🙂 hahahahah! Great job my addicted pet! I want to thank you my addicted pet for the funny video you made for me! Your ass turned pink which my favorite color and your face drooled like a river. You are so talented when it comes to pleasing me! I enjoy owning your soul, body and wallet for years now! It is so cool that you always seek for your own distraction and have yourself at my feet drooling over and over again and loving me more each time you perform your sacrament to me!


Such a great way to expressed his satisfaction being my addicted pet for years now!


It is so nice to listen music and just fall in love with it. I love music. When I was younger I remember my grandparents listening to their music, which back then I think old songs are boring and I did not want to hear them. Today I find old songs are somehow relaxing and when I hear them I remember the time I had with my grandparents (I miss them)

Anyway! I want to “THANK” my humble slave for buying this beautiful speaker. I am very happy to own it and to be able to listen music in quality sounds. It is more fun for me to listen music now. I do love music and I listen to it every single day.

Music can really bring a nice feelings to me. It can relax me when I am tired and “yeah” it can make me dream far back and forward. Far back when I first heard about the song and how it can bring beautiful memories to me at the moment and far forward when the song makes me dream of something beautiful that I want to happen or experience in life. And sometimes music can help me fall asleep too.

I do appreciate my slaves that are working so hard to make my life comfortable and more fun! Now you can see the beauty of your hard work. I truly believed this is why men are created. To work for me and bring nice things to me so I can have fun. In return that I will remember him forever. If you are a useful man you can lift a women higher than her height by serving her and making her happy.

You must be telling the truth!

Your Welcome Idiot! Keep it up!

I really think you should offer more!

With all your love and salary!

When you are pounding and paying! —> Princess Resha is Happy!

Omg! Abusing his pathetic ass made my day! This fuckface is so fun to play with. His balls grow flowers and produce hearts! His hidden talent come out when I make him use them for my happiness and he did try very hard! He really entertained my beauty while I was draining his wallet! I find it more entertaining to watch him suffering and laugh to his stupid pictures while I rape his wallet than watching on TV. This fuck pet always do extra stupid things with his super actions! He is very adventurous when it come to his balls and he is very talented when it come to pleasing me!

Beautiful pair of shoes from my Servant Jeft! Every slave can lick them now. Your welcome losers!

I had a great time fucking my Bebang! He did so much action that bring laughter to my face for 3 hours. I like that he knows in his heart how special I am and my beauty keeps him on track.
When I first meet him, I never thought I can make him find his dressed up inner soul. But lately he is beyond that. He is so fun to abuse, so fun to laugh at. So much joy in my heart everytime I get a chance to abuse his body, take his money and absorbs his brain to the level where nothing left but my beauty alone inside
his head. The smile with my red lips planted inside his head forever!

I wore this beautiful shoes today! And remember how I got these pretty shoes. These shoes are given to me as birthday present from my loser Jeft. Omg! I am still amazed and feel the happiness that I had felt the first day I open my gift box and found such a beautiful shoes inside. My birthday was pretty amazing because I have received a mountain of gifts from my Shopper-Machines. I might post more about those presents later or maybe oneday if I am in the mood.

My day was so much fun. I was very busy abusing piggies asses. My beautiful outfit had received so much adoration that most of my piggy oinked harder till thier brain juice exploded on their faces. And the only PrincessResha is happy and satisfied to see them suffer and left them with empty brain and wallet. Omg! what a worthless losers!

You are welcome that I am in the mood to write a post. I don’t know what got into me that I suddenly feel the urge to post more and write more. Well, as you noticed English is not my first language and you are welcome that I don’t make you read using my local language. I just saved your nose from so much bleeding wondering what PrincessResha’s talking about. You owe that to me so always remember that.

So by the way I will be off for two days. I will be doing what I want maybe count my handbags and re-arrange my make-up and shoes. I really enjoy organizing all my shoes, make-up, and dresses. They are so pretty and I make them looking beautiful each time I use them. I know they feel lucky too when they get used by me –just like you.

I am so proud of my slave Jeff who called me in niteflirt.com today for almost 1 hour. What a great conversation I had with this tiny penis while he dreamed no one else but me and he helplessly jerked off for my Wolford pantyhose pictures the whole time. I love the effect of my beautiful pictures to his tiny balls and tiny penis because I can hear them over the phone twitching and shaking like a ripe tomatoe ready to fall on my feet to be crushed. Oh beside that he is so smart to talk to, his voice was so weak that he sounds like he was going to die soon. Raping his wallet was the best part and my favorite. It was so fun for me to manipulate his fucked up brain that he had to spend more than he normally would.

I Thank you my servant Jeft (different guy) for my amazing shoes today! I have owned these shoes for a while now and you must get me a new pair because I like them a lot. Of course how can I forget who bought my beautiful bracelet? Thank you my Greatservant for this beautiful bracelet I do not have a picture of it to put up here but inside the members area you might see it serving my wrist.

Here are my beautiful black shoes that make my feet feel so sexy! High heels are sexy, high heels are comfortable. I love making losers jerk for them for hours today. Can you see the result of your gifts? It helped me fuck mens brains today. I am so proud of you. For that I thank you for buying these shoes. They look so sexy and powerful for every drooling losers that come to pay me to see my shoes for the day. Good job loser Jeff

Here is another shoes that I collected from my shopper slave. Beautiful shoes! exotic beauty! I love the blue color that looks so good with my skin color. If you drool inside my members area you will see that I wear this pair a lot because these are super comfortable. They are so pretty that I take good care of them so they can last! Thank you Greatservant Good job and buy more. You know you want to.

More shoes from my whore Bebang Chuchu! You know I am so proud of you for getting these shoes for me and for adding more shoes to my collection. Good job for making me love you not just because you are my obedient whore but because you are a very smart scientist to me and you get so slutty and weak and always ready to serve your brain for me to ruin. The best part of wearing your gifts is that they always makes my other losers get more addicted. Just one step of my deadly heels from you they want to get fucked (up and down) and you know how it feels.

These shoes are so pretty and I just love them so much! These shoes are so lucky that my Slutty pay-pig get to fuck these shoes in real life. I shipped these shoes to him so he can fuck them for me live on cam and yeah he didn’t disappoint me. I was so pleased watching him kiss these shoes live on skype plus he gets so weak and helpless watching my laughing beauty that he sticks his head in the toilet and pay me over $1000 that he sent as tribute in niteflirt. I love the feelings watching him do such idiotic things. I LOVE THAT HE IS ONE OF THOSE MEN WHO LIVE TO IMPRESS ME. Yeah! This slutty pay-pig is very talented he has done more actions for me live on cam than just fucking the most beautiful shoes. I am so proud of you slutty pay pig! I am so happy that you are now broke and balder.

I must not forget to thanks my humble slave Greatservant for buying these shoes for my perfect feet that greatservant loves and worships to the end of the universe. Because of you my Slutty Pay pig finds his new lollipop. I am so happy and so proud! For my beautiful shoes I miss you and enjoy inside of my slutty-pig mouth and asshole

Thank you Greatservant for these princess pink shoes. every-time I see them they really make me smile. These shoes are just so pretty and shiny! I love love showing them off! I always feel so beautiful every time I wear these beautiful shiny pink shoes! One of my Victims from Africa (his Breed is English Pet Balls) loves to stare at these shoes. He always go pay me more to be able to look at these shoes. I am happy to rub my heels all over his face while he is calling me his pink princess!

Once again I thank you my GreatServant for these shoes who bring so much inspiration to all men life included yours. How nice is that we all work together in a circle to make this horny world fulfilled with happiness.

Another beautiful shoes from Addicted shopper GreatServant! I love how these shoes looks and yes it makes me feel so powerful and beautiful every time I wear them and I love that I am wearing gift shoes from my shopper like you (GreatServant) as it remind me how precious my life is as your goddess, And yet I make every slave life so fulfilled each time I wear such a beautiful shoes for other slaves to lick up and down.

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  • Nylon Insurance

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