21+ Asian Goddess in stockings and heels. Phone and webcam performer! Get mindfuck NOW!

 Posted: 23 January, 2015

From: missreshaspet

I am so deeply in love with you my Goddess Resha
I am in love with your amazing and beautiful face my Goddess Resha. It lights me up so much when you smile, and fills me with such embarrassment when you laugh at me. You have the most beautiful sweetest smile, but you are so attractive when you look stern as well.

I am so much in love with your voice my Goddess Resha. It is so sweet, yet demanding. I feel so special when you call me by my name, call me a “whore”, “bitch”, “fuck shit”. Nobody says those words and makes me feel quite like you can my Goddess. It makes me feel that I am your lucky fuck shit pet and I will spend my “whore life” serving you.

I am so in love with your breasts my beautiful Goddess Resha. It is a treat to ever get to see them and drool over them. They are so perfect and round and amazing, either bare or behind your perfect bras and clothes.

I am so in love with your belly my beautiful Goddess Resha. You have such amazing curves that can only be described as perfect. You are a perfectly shaped women, and I should spend all day staring at you and worshiping you and drooling over you.

I am so in love with your feet my beautiful Goddess Resha. They look so perfect in your heels and when you take them out or dangle the heel. That stirs my soul so much and i know I belong on the floor, licking them for you, and sucking on your heel. I would massage your feet for hours if you let me to please you, and I know you would step all over me with them as well.

I am so in love with your amazing and perfect legs my Goddess Resha. They look so beautiful bare, or in your stockings and pantyhose. I love every inch of them from your ankles to your perfect knees to your amazingly well rounded thighs. I would massage and kiss every inch of them if you allowed me to.

I am so in love with your pussy my Goddess Resha. It is the most perfect pussy I have ever seen my Goddess and I am blessed to ever get to see it. You tease me so much whenever I can, as I wish I could kiss it for you but probably wouldn’t be allowed.

And finally I am so in love with your amazing and beautiful and perfect ass my Goddess Resha. I worship it every day and I never can help but be stunned each time I see it. It is so round and so perfect in every way. My face belongs buried in your ass cheeks for as long as you want. I will kiss your ass everyday and worship it every day. My face is for you to sit on for hours while I kiss your ass and lick you if allowed.

I love you my Goddess Resha. Thank you for being my owner and for lighting up my every day with your presence. I am truly a lucky fuck pet for you.

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