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One of his devotional letter. I love reading this, again and again and though of sharing it to you because it is meaningful.

Perfect Goddess Resha

You are so beautiful and so perfect and You are always my focus , You are always my purpose and You are always the destiny for all love and desire in this world….the amazing world that You take me to , the amazing world that You keep me in , the amazing world i can never leave….spellbound and helpless……in the amazing world of Goddess Resha…Goddess Resha addiction, Goddess Resha training, Goddess Resha temptation, Goddess Resha seduction, Goddess Resha demands, Goddess Resha enticement, Goddess Resha ownership, Goddess Resha service, Goddess Resha servitude, Goddess Resha sacrifice, Goddess Resha devotion, Goddess Resha worship, Goddess Resha love…You are my One and Only Goddess and putting You first is my job, my dream, my life. You are above me and i love to submit to your desires, to obey You, and serve your purposes.

You are the most smart and clever and unique Goddess with amazing and wicked and lethal and wonderful understanding of those who serve Her. For me it is wonderful that You are so smart because life at your feet is like You say , never boring. It is not just amazing and thrilling, it also feels very pure and true…. i mean this in a way that is important to my devotion and service to You….i love how You are so capable of doing everything yourself….your photos, videos and writing, You provide the rare and true privilege of a very personal and intimate privacy that is unique to You and your servant. You alone …special, unique, precious You to know that i give to such a thrilling , unique and yes truly important and brilliant woman of my dreams. That if i do my best for You i can truly make a difference to your life, even among the many who serve and adore You i can try to earn a special place. That is why i am comfortable to shop for You and put my life’s earnings in your Goddess hands because i can buy You beautiful things, personal things, intimate things, things that You wear and that i see in your Goddess possession , that You use , things that make your life more easy… and beautiful and amazing things to wear and carry and have around You so You look and feel and live like the Living Goddess that You are. And to be allowed to believe that my service can help create your true Goddess life, can truly please You and bring happiness and pleasure….how wonderful to bring You pleasure….is so important to my pure-hearted love and devotion to You.

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