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 Posted: 26 February, 2015

Hello my Servants. The Slide show link to view my pictures in members gallery has been added today. Enjoy viewing your amazing Asian Goddess sexy poses. Now you can kneel in-front of my slide show pictures all day. Your right hand will be  free from clicking your mouse to view every single  sexy picture. This time you can use your right hand or other hand to do other errands for your owner. Use it for your Boss Resha benefit. One hand in your pants rubbing micro penis while the Other hand is doing shopping, sending tribute or writing lovely letters to me.

You need to be very thankful that I accidentally found how to add the slide show links into my gallery. It has existed for a while. Today my patients got extra longer and that’s how I found it. I am a very loving and caring Mistress and I though of my Wankers and this is why my slide show is available now. So finally both of your hand must get to work for me.

I appreciate your questions and wondering tiny mind about why I have not been posting. :). It is very cool to have a readers who follow every word I write. I know I have not been updating so much here in my free post. (I always update my members gallery though.) It is because I was a little busy these past holidays. I have been busy adoring my new gifts that slaves sent for my amazing 2014 Christmas, 2015 new year, and my sweet birthday and Happy heart Valentines day. If you get bored waiting for my new free post updates you can go to my Wishlist. It is always updated almost everyday or 6 times a week. Because it is exciting and sexily awesome to witness helpless slaves doing more shopping like a shopaholic person who can not get enough and then  later on in the Month they tell me how broke they are and need to save to shop more for their future (Im proud). It is great how I can help change a mans life and turn him into a allformistress pleasing shopping machine .

Today I was supposed  to add new photos of my ( Slaves) gifts gallery but accidentally I lost all the photos I took, and now I have to retake them. I don’t not mind because all of them are beautiful and are so good to look at and they serve me like my slaves. Oh how I love technology it gives me so much blessings and bring allformistress devoted men to serve their purpose to me .  Sometimes technology does bring  frustration lol.

Before I end this post I want to acknowledge my ATM PIGS from UK and ATM PIGS from USA. you know who you are PIGS. I like to say Thank you for your latest service and lots of tributes to my smile lately.

I am also very proud and happy for all the gifts I have received from  you my servants (from UK/USA and AUS! Thank you and keep working and save to shop again very soon.

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