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Here I am again. Your one and only Asian goddess. Who is so perfect and powerful is now posting something new for you to read aren’t you excited my slave, my property? You know that besides you giving me your money and wanking for me, buying gifts for me, it is also part of your healthy life style to read my post. It is for my servants to find out what the hell I am trying to say.. I love being the adorableasian that I am already am. I love that men loved me because I am being true to myself and if I don’t know a thing I am not shy to admit it and to learn more or find a way to know it is amazing.

I had a wonderful day today. Your amazing Asian goddess looks so perfect in her beautiful sexy outfit. sexy old rose pink dress, sexy silky pantyhose and amazing open toe black high heels for my perfect feet. I am so proud of my servant Babyballs for keeping his balls blue making them look like a pea. I am so happy that you spent all your money to me today and was not enough that you use your wife money to pay your important greedy perfect Asian goddess Resha. I am so proud of you.
I love how useful you are to me. Keep working and admire my beautiful pictures everyday and anytime you click and pay and no cum for a months for me. That’s an order, very serious I am not kidding. I am the boss, The owner, The living god, the goddess, I bring so much life and inspiration to every man life who luckily cross my way and stop to be mine in every possible way. So glad my slaves has found me in a right time and right place.

Other thing I want to announce that Reshapet images are added to my Resha Slave Collection Album and the link to his blog is added as well, sign in to the members area to see. Reshapet you are very inspiring. I thank you Reshapet for new Jessica Simpson Pink shoes, I thank you for my new purse and new pantyhose. Soon you can cum to your face for my outfit. If you are reading this you know you are not allowed to cum without my permission. It will be a while so enjoy the pain I blessed you.

I will be back later and you can enjoy my beautiful Asian self live in niteflirt for you to call and talktome or send a lot of your tributes anytime even if I am offline. It is amazing that I don’t have to tell you to fuck your wallet for me. You just do it right away as soon you think of me. This is the life that you been craving for to make me smile, have your self suffer and the purpose of your life is now crystal clear and that to serve your Asian powerful goddess Resha. Call me in niteflirt to talktome and send tributes and tie your balls to give me a beautiful day and shop to impress me. All your love and belongings are mine.

 Posted: 29 August, 2014

Hello My servants, my readers and horny pets. It’s beautiful day when you are here again to read my post. It is the best part of your life to drop yourself here for your Goddess Resha.
To my property Reshapet thank you so much for that amazing video you made for me. You looks so awesome kissing the floor while begging for my permission and attention. I am also amazed to see my pictures on your wall where I belong no other should adorn that wall.
I thank you my servant Jeft for my beautiful lingerie dress and my slave Great Servant for my stockings and heels. My servants did a good job for making me feel that my life is like Christmas everyday . I am excited for real Christmas as well. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. It makes me smile how I believe about Santa when I was a little. Even though there was a part of me saying that he is not real but I choose to believe that he was real.

Today in my goddess life the real Santa has come true and they came in different shapes, weights, heights, color of their eyes and skin, but they have one thing in common. They serve me, obey me and they love me unconditionally and they all belong to me and I am their owner. Those real Santa I am talking about are only my servants. I love them too and appreciate their dedication of serving me. I love how they cherish my attention, time and beauty.

I am one of those lucky girls doing live cam online who gets to know some of these real sub special men around the world. I am so grateful that I end up in this kind of business where I deal with sub men who don’t give me headache , only gifts and money. I am just right in a perfect category where I have the power to make men happy in return. I make men happy and I make them feel complete specially when I destroy their wallet, I make them inspired to work harder and make them feel happier while working, because they know they are working for me. The Asian Goddess who bring light to their dark life. I can’t believe why would some people disagree if a man like my servants choose to be happy on his smart way and that making goddess Resha happy. I am sure you know what I talking about. I wont clarify it here in so much detail because I don’t want my post to get so serious lol.

Other things and I say it in every post that I just updated my members area again, I am having fun dressing so sexily everyday with my new outfits from my servants and then use my beautiful make up collection to my beautiful Asian face then come online take pictures and make men weak.
Today you go to my members area and cherish my new pictures of my beautiful outfit. I am wearing my sexy black silky thigh high stockings, lingerie lace dress, so sexy black stiletto high heels shoes with strap.

 Posted: 29 August, 2014

Hello my viewers and all of you who enjoy coming back here to read and see my beautiful pictures. I really appreciate that you are here again. As you see I am very sweet. Hard to imagine that sometimes I am mean. I enjoy being bad to my servants who loves me that way. But honestly I am not mean. I am sweet, loving and sometimes I get so turned on and I turn into a mean one. I don’t feel sorry to see my slave suffer (into safe level only) it does bring happiness to my heart and it boost the dopamine in my brain, the hormones who are responsible for more happiness that we all are addicted to. Well you are probably are very confused by now reading this and that’s okay. I like you confused anyway Just remember you are lucky being confused by Asian goddess Resha. Its fun to make men confused lol while women are already confused if she is reading this. They say women are hard to understand and that is because we are mysterious and we love to decorate we can not leave things plain too boring for us. we want them with colors specially in pink. Pink top and under wear for my sissy would be lovely to my eyes.

Well from now on I will try to write something a little longer in my website theadorableasian.com because I like to give you something to read. I know some viewers of mine come often to check my website updates regularly and even that there are not much to read they stay for hours sometimes all night and all day I personality think its awesome.

Also I know that my servants or non-servants really appreciate every time I give them something to read. Just like this Blah blah blah coca cola lol. Okay before I loose you I want to share why I am so happy today is that because I have more gifts coming from my servants. I have new mirror, beautiful chair , sexy pantyhose, purse, jewelry,books, make up etc. Multiple servants works hard for those gifts to land them at feet because I deserve them. I Thank you servants so keep it up. Other things that make me happy is looking my self in my big mirror and see beautiful me. So nice with long black hair omg! just love my black hair, you are right I adore myself too and its not crazy just lovely, go love your self too its free. I also love cake and ice cream and adore them they aren’t free.

Anyway I will write more later or maybe tomorrow. Normally I don’t know what to say or write but once I started doing my blah blah words I have so much more to share. If you think I don’t make sense that means you need vodka.
After you read this you go check on my new outfit pictures in my members area. I thank you my Great Servant for my shoes and sexy top. See you later everyone and thank you for being part of my life.

 Posted: 27 August, 2014

Amazing Goddess Resha pictures for today’s outfit are added. Visit and stare to my sun tan smooth pantyhose for an hours and dream of me. You can kneel, bow and kiss the floor for my Asian legs and beautiful shoes. Don’t worry my pictures can see you and my heart can feel your devotion. You will see my beautiful gesture of my fingers to let you know I am here for you as your perfect owner forever. you are not alone. Goddess owner Resha is here to be worshiped and loved, greatest job you ever had.

Impress me and serve me and surprise me anytime my servants. Its always a big pleasure of my heart to see you work hard for me and submit to me anytime and anywhere. Its the best thing ever for my part and your part to have you as my slave and converted your life into full of happiness everyday, so much joy from Resha to put hole in your wallet and joy to your heart and balls.

I know it makes your soul very happy when Resha ruin your wallet and leave you wanting more. Its normal and 100% natural that you ache to give more pleasure to your goddess, more gifts, more love and more money. I know how much you crave to give me what best for me and it makes me happy to see you addicted and aching for me. My Asian goddess beauty is very powerful and its easy to have you mindless and helpless and totally addicted with full of desire to make me happy, then its endless inspiration for you to live as my devoted servant forever.

I will be back later to have fun and see you guys online. Slave or not slave are both welcome to arms and feet. I enjoy what I do and I love everything here. I love my slaves they are very generous, loving, amazing and I surely in my golden heart that these guys treat me what I deserve because I am their only one living goddess in this world. I am real and not just imaginary one. If you have question or somehow you disagree my servants will be there naked to prove to you. Do not feel bad if you found your self on the floor, kneeling, kissing with lovely sounds and have your head and balls heading toward my country because for the moment you live your life for me. Its not bad at all its good. Ew my post is getting too long hahaha! Its okay..It just obvious I have no one to talk to right now lol. I am not very chatty specially if not for a good matter. I did once dream to be an author and or be teacher. I have no idea that will be goddess and my life is so much better than any teacher and I am smarter too because I know what men deepest secret let me tell one of them, one of men secret is name Goddess Resha. No one knows just you and me and people who understand you and me.

Ok my amazing book is waiting for me. I promise to my book will finish him today because I have new ones that excite me to read the cover lol. I thank my loser baboy for helping build a small library in my room.

the longest post I ever done lol. Worth of reading right?

 Posted: 15 August, 2014

My beautiful classy Asian pictures in sexy pantyhose are added. I want you to kneel and pay and stroke for me. I like to see you clicking like crazy! No control for your weak self. Only Goddess Resha control you.

Thank you Super Tangang Baoboy chuchu for making me so happy today. I had a good time making you suffer! Hmm! hmmm!! I want it more….

 Posted: 14 June, 2014

My Gallery is updated 4 beautiful pictures of your perfect Asian goddess are added. I thank you my servant Timothy for the beautiful shorts. I feel your hard work and I enjoy it. Keep it up as they are all dedicated to me.

I will be back when Timer turn zero that means later. Call me servant or go buy all my videos and wank forever. have a great day or night ..from your only Asian Goddess me.

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 5/28/13” Added

Read Join now if you want to know or see :).

Visit my Members area and see my pictures that just posted. See me in my red sparkly dress and tan thigh high with open toe heels for you to suck my toes. You can also rub your hard cock for my very sexy pearl panty that makes my little Asian pussy wet all day.


P.S Visit My Members area to see my daily outfit pictures and more..

 Posted: 25 February, 2013

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 2/24/13” Added

Read My outfit description if you want to know or join now to see.

🙂 sexy multi purple tight dress created by me
🙂 purple extreme cleavage bra
🙂 with matching panty
🙂 shellena tan thigh high stockings
🙂 shiny shoes with funky high heels
call me in Niteflirt & see my live cam show on yahoo , msn or skype
See Photo Album of this outfit in member area :Added Today’s Date

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 1/19/13” Added

Read My outfit description if you want to know or join now to see.

:)Very sexy grey and black tight dress, created by me your adorbaleasian girl
:)very sexy satin black bra
:)sexy Black lace boy short panty
:)very sexy wide band thigh high stockings luxury legs wear
:)very sexy envy special design platform high heels
call me in Niteflirt & see my live cam show on yahoo , msn or skype
See Photo Album of this outfit in member area :Added Today’s Date

Read This

Happy Saturday everyone! Im all dressed up and waiting for you to see me live on my cam and listen to my sexy Asian voice then.. hmmm service your princess missadora.

 Posted: 14 January, 2013

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 1/14/13” Added

Read My outfit description if you want to know or join now to see.

:)Very sexy yellow top
:)very sexy tight black skirt
:)very sexy satin yellow push up bra
:)with matching satin panty
:)very sexy bronze glow sheer stockings
:)very sexy black shoes with golden heels
call me in Niteflirt & see my live cam show on yahoo , msn or skype
See Photo Album of this outfit in member area :Added Today’s Date

Read This

I was here early today! and Updated my members area.. my daily outfit pictures are added. check out my sexy black and yellow..top and skirt. unfortunately I am in red light zone right now 🙂 and it normally last for 3 days. be back when it almost cleared. hehe! also visit my new niteflirt profile listings that I updated and I did the design for my self. I had a great time learning HTML and designing my own page. It was a headache but its soo fun learning every dot and it save me money because I don’t need to pay somebody anymore to design my niteflirt listing. I hope to learn more about it and get better so someday I can help my fellow flirt to fix her listing for free.

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