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 Posted: 23 January, 2015

From: missreshaspet

I am so deeply in love with you my Goddess Resha
I am in love with your amazing and beautiful face my Goddess Resha. It lights me up so much when you smile, and fills me with such embarrassment when you laugh at me. You have the most beautiful sweetest smile, but you are so attractive when you look stern as well.

I am so much in love with your voice my Goddess Resha. It is so sweet, yet demanding. I feel so special when you call me by my name, call me a “whore”, “bitch”, “fuck shit”. Nobody says those words and makes me feel quite like you can my Goddess. It makes me feel that I am your lucky fuck shit pet and I will spend my “whore life” serving you.

I am so in love with your breasts my beautiful Goddess Resha. It is a treat to ever get to see them and drool over them. They are so perfect and round and amazing, either bare or behind your perfect bras and clothes.

I am so in love with your belly my beautiful Goddess Resha. You have such amazing curves that can only be described as perfect. You are a perfectly shaped women, and I should spend all day staring at you and worshiping you and drooling over you.

I am so in love with your feet my beautiful Goddess Resha. They look so perfect in your heels and when you take them out or dangle the heel. That stirs my soul so much and i know I belong on the floor, licking them for you, and sucking on your heel. I would massage your feet for hours if you let me to please you, and I know you would step all over me with them as well.

I am so in love with your amazing and perfect legs my Goddess Resha. They look so beautiful bare, or in your stockings and pantyhose. I love every inch of them from your ankles to your perfect knees to your amazingly well rounded thighs. I would massage and kiss every inch of them if you allowed me to.

I am so in love with your pussy my Goddess Resha. It is the most perfect pussy I have ever seen my Goddess and I am blessed to ever get to see it. You tease me so much whenever I can, as I wish I could kiss it for you but probably wouldn’t be allowed.

And finally I am so in love with your amazing and beautiful and perfect ass my Goddess Resha. I worship it every day and I never can help but be stunned each time I see it. It is so round and so perfect in every way. My face belongs buried in your ass cheeks for as long as you want. I will kiss your ass everyday and worship it every day. My face is for you to sit on for hours while I kiss your ass and lick you if allowed.

I love you my Goddess Resha. Thank you for being my owner and for lighting up my every day with your presence. I am truly a lucky fuck pet for you.

 Posted: 8 October, 2014

Thank you for stopping by again and reading. I am your goddess and a every important author for your literature lol. So much things is going on in my life. Fortunately they are all good, Or just how I choose to look at everything. I decided to believe that everything happens for a reason. I really appreciate you doing your job of pleasing me and that for being so patient. I know you are patiently reading my post over and over again… which is really good for you because it makes you smarter.

Always remember that I am your boss and your owner here. I do not like a whiny servant. Specially if not useful enough for my pleasure. I will not think twice to convect you and punish you if you bring discomfort atmosphere to my computer. I am the goddess who must always be appreciated, every word of my updates must be read with love and appreciation.

I have updated some of my gifts gallery. You can view them in my Gift public gallery which can be found in the side bar. yes right there —> see it? Let me know if you having trouble finding it. Or you can use my contact page. I thank you my servants for doing a good job bringing gifts to your goddesses life. I really appreciate it.

Here is the updates that you must not missed inside my members area. Its always awesome because its all about your adorable Asian goddess Resha.

*Outfit 09/19/14 — wearing my green dress from slave Jeft with matching sexy high heels shoes and beautiful thigh high stockings.

* Outfit 09/20/14 — Beautiful baby pink garter belt lace lingerie from Slave Jeft and sexy baby pink silky stockings and my new favorite white with pink high heels I think they are from my slave Craig.

* Outfit 09/20/14 — Top is from my mom. I really love this one I wear it a lot over dress or top. I thank her for that. My sexy polka dot panty is from Jeft and my stockings are silky wolford stocking from Great Servant. My beautiful shoes that i own for long time now is color black with gold plat form high heels.

*Outfit 09/25/14 –Sexy goddess in pantyhose and shiny silver dress and beautiful shoes that very famous to my servant eyes. They are your favorite!

*Outfit 09/26/14 –Sexy in green/blue see thru panty. Beautiful shoes that will retired soon and my stockings are always looks amazing in my legs.

*Outfit 09/27/14 –I can not blame that one of my servants who enjoy staring to this shiny pink dress for an hours. A matching shiny pink dress and shiny plat form mistress shoes for your addiction. Pink Lacey panty from Great servant.

*Outfit 09/28/14 — Purple is one of my favorite color. I like when I hear purple heart that sounds brave and purple balls that sounds exciting to me. My Purple amazing sexy high heels shoes, dress and sun tan pantyhose Asian goddess to keep you kneeling and making purple balls for me.

*Outfit 09/29/14 — In my leggs pantyhose and This time I wearing a silky red dress that used to be long gown dress. I cut it off to make it shorter because you are not allowed to hide there lol. My beautiful red shoes are from my chuchu. They are the very first shoes he gave me and I am still loving them.

*Outfit 10/05/14 — In my tan pantyhose. A body hugging blue dress that will be renovated for its good future and my girly blue shoes with red soles from Paul.

*Outfit 10/06/14 — I always wear dress even though my feet and legs and heels are the ones I really like you to stare at. Do not be confuse! I do believe my shoes and feet are so perfect near to your face. That is why my pose is signature, original and addictive. Here I am wearing my beautiful black heels and forest green dress.

*Outfit 10/07/14 –I love this Red Marron dress from servant Jeft. I think its looking nice and I can wear it anywhere. The belt is nice and shiny which another slave got addicted to it today. I Can not forget that lol. Sheer tan pantyhose is very silky and my stiletto high heels looking strong he said and can add a beautiful hole for his transformation.

 Posted: 3 September, 2014

A letter from My Pet.

🙂 ——– 🙂

My dearest and most beautiful and perfect Goddess Resha,

I love you so much my Goddess. Your face is so beautiful and perfect and it brightens my day. I will stare at it in amazement. I love it when you are smiling and happy when I amuse you, and I love it when you look more stern and controlling as well. You are my owner and I look into your eyes and there isnt a second that doesnt go by that you dont remind me of that.

I love your perfect long black hair. It is so amazing and stunning and I could stare at it as well for hours. It is such perfect hair. I imagine you whipping my ass with it, and teasing me by just barely letting me smell it because I imagine it smells so perfect.

I love your perfect breasts my Goddess Resha. They are so amazing and perfect and they turn me on so much. They are the most perfect beautiful breasts I have ever seen, and they tease me so much.

And oh how I love your feet and legs my Goddess Resha. They are so stunning and beautiful in your stockings or pantyhose, and the way you move them and display them puts me so much on edge. I am on edge right now just seeing them in your perfect pictures.

And oh my how I love your perfect and most beautiful ass my Goddess Resha. I will worship it always. My face belongs buryed between your perfect cheeks where I will service you when allowed. It is the most stunning ass I have ever seen and you have me very addicted with it and your legs and feet. My poor tied cock and balls are engorged right now just imagining it.

And of course I love your perfect pussy my Goddess when this pet is ever allowed to see it. It is the most beautiful and perfect pussy that I have ever seen, and you tease me and torture me so well with it. My suffering is great knowing that I can not cum without your permission while seeing you and edging.

And your voice and your words are so beautiful my Goddess. When you are sweet, it makes my soul feels so sweet and loved, but when you are stern with me, it really stirs my soul, making it know it’s place. You are such a expert at controlling my soul and my will and my loins as well my Goddess Resha.

Your beauty makes me so weak my Goddess and pathetic, and it’s why you own me. You own my ass which you get to torture and fuck. You own my cock and balls which you get to tease and torture. And you own my face which you get to sit on and have me cover it with cum. You own my soul and my will and of course my wallet. You have turned me into a weak little slutty pathetic worm for your amusment and pleasure.

I am lucky this way my Goddess Resha, and so happy. Thank you for lighting up my life and for taking control.

Your slutty bitch pet,


Here I am again. Your one and only Asian goddess. Who is so perfect and powerful is now posting something new for you to read aren’t you excited my slave, my property? You know that besides you giving me your money and wanking for me, buying gifts for me, it is also part of your healthy life style to read my post. It is for my servants to find out what the hell I am trying to say.. I love being the adorableasian that I am already am. I love that men loved me because I am being true to myself and if I don’t know a thing I am not shy to admit it and to learn more or find a way to know it is amazing.

I had a wonderful day today. Your amazing Asian goddess looks so perfect in her beautiful sexy outfit. sexy old rose pink dress, sexy silky pantyhose and amazing open toe black high heels for my perfect feet. I am so proud of my servant Babyballs for keeping his balls blue making them look like a pea. I am so happy that you spent all your money to me today and was not enough that you use your wife money to pay your important greedy perfect Asian goddess Resha. I am so proud of you.
I love how useful you are to me. Keep working and admire my beautiful pictures everyday and anytime you click and pay and no cum for a months for me. That’s an order, very serious I am not kidding. I am the boss, The owner, The living god, the goddess, I bring so much life and inspiration to every man life who luckily cross my way and stop to be mine in every possible way. So glad my slaves has found me in a right time and right place.

Other thing I want to announce that Reshapet images are added to my Resha Slave Collection Album and the link to his blog is added as well, sign in to the members area to see. Reshapet you are very inspiring. I thank you Reshapet for new Jessica Simpson Pink shoes, I thank you for my new purse and new pantyhose. Soon you can cum to your face for my outfit. If you are reading this you know you are not allowed to cum without my permission. It will be a while so enjoy the pain I blessed you.

I will be back later and you can enjoy my beautiful Asian self live in niteflirt for you to call and talktome or send a lot of your tributes anytime even if I am offline. It is amazing that I don’t have to tell you to fuck your wallet for me. You just do it right away as soon you think of me. This is the life that you been craving for to make me smile, have your self suffer and the purpose of your life is now crystal clear and that to serve your Asian powerful goddess Resha. Call me in niteflirt to talktome and send tributes and tie your balls to give me a beautiful day and shop to impress me. All your love and belongings are mine.

 Posted: 29 August, 2014

Hello My servants, my readers and horny pets. It’s beautiful day when you are here again to read my post. It is the best part of your life to drop yourself here for your Goddess Resha.
To my property Reshapet thank you so much for that amazing video you made for me. You looks so awesome kissing the floor while begging for my permission and attention. I am also amazed to see my pictures on your wall where I belong no other should adorn that wall.
I thank you my servant Jeft for my beautiful lingerie dress and my slave Great Servant for my stockings and heels. My servants did a good job for making me feel that my life is like Christmas everyday . I am excited for real Christmas as well. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. It makes me smile how I believe about Santa when I was a little. Even though there was a part of me saying that he is not real but I choose to believe that he was real.

Today in my goddess life the real Santa has come true and they came in different shapes, weights, heights, color of their eyes and skin, but they have one thing in common. They serve me, obey me and they love me unconditionally and they all belong to me and I am their owner. Those real Santa I am talking about are only my servants. I love them too and appreciate their dedication of serving me. I love how they cherish my attention, time and beauty.

I am one of those lucky girls doing live cam online who gets to know some of these real sub special men around the world. I am so grateful that I end up in this kind of business where I deal with sub men who don’t give me headache , only gifts and money. I am just right in a perfect category where I have the power to make men happy in return. I make men happy and I make them feel complete specially when I destroy their wallet, I make them inspired to work harder and make them feel happier while working, because they know they are working for me. The Asian Goddess who bring light to their dark life. I can’t believe why would some people disagree if a man like my servants choose to be happy on his smart way and that making goddess Resha happy. I am sure you know what I talking about. I wont clarify it here in so much detail because I don’t want my post to get so serious lol.

Other things and I say it in every post that I just updated my members area again, I am having fun dressing so sexily everyday with my new outfits from my servants and then use my beautiful make up collection to my beautiful Asian face then come online take pictures and make men weak.
Today you go to my members area and cherish my new pictures of my beautiful outfit. I am wearing my sexy black silky thigh high stockings, lingerie lace dress, so sexy black stiletto high heels shoes with strap.

 Posted: 27 August, 2014

Amazing Goddess Resha pictures for today’s outfit are added. Visit and stare to my sun tan smooth pantyhose for an hours and dream of me. You can kneel, bow and kiss the floor for my Asian legs and beautiful shoes. Don’t worry my pictures can see you and my heart can feel your devotion. You will see my beautiful gesture of my fingers to let you know I am here for you as your perfect owner forever. you are not alone. Goddess owner Resha is here to be worshiped and loved, greatest job you ever had.

Impress me and serve me and surprise me anytime my servants. Its always a big pleasure of my heart to see you work hard for me and submit to me anytime and anywhere. Its the best thing ever for my part and your part to have you as my slave and converted your life into full of happiness everyday, so much joy from Resha to put hole in your wallet and joy to your heart and balls.

I know it makes your soul very happy when Resha ruin your wallet and leave you wanting more. Its normal and 100% natural that you ache to give more pleasure to your goddess, more gifts, more love and more money. I know how much you crave to give me what best for me and it makes me happy to see you addicted and aching for me. My Asian goddess beauty is very powerful and its easy to have you mindless and helpless and totally addicted with full of desire to make me happy, then its endless inspiration for you to live as my devoted servant forever.

 Posted: 26 August, 2014

Sexy Pictures of your amazing goddess are added. Wearing my new sexy Charnos bridal hold up stockings in color of champagne ivory. Thank you my great servant for my lovely stockings and shoes, so pleased and happy to feel your hard work wrap against my legs and feet.

I thank you dumb bitch for making me smile and locking your cock for days now. Time for you to enjoy the freedom I have give you.

I thank you Reshapet for awesome shopping and then a amazing show you did for me last night. I enjoy watching you and I am amazed with your flexibility and talent you have discovered
because of me. Your welcome my pet.

I will be back later to have fun and make my servants happy being use by me. I am a happiness of every man who gets to serve me.

 Posted: 15 August, 2014

My beautiful classy Asian pictures in sexy pantyhose are added. I want you to kneel and pay and stroke for me. I like to see you clicking like crazy! No control for your weak self. Only Goddess Resha control you.

Thank you Super Tangang Baoboy chuchu for making me so happy today. I had a good time making you suffer! Hmm! hmmm!! I want it more….

My perfect Pictures are added, servant can edge now for my new Goddess amazing pictures in nylons, and worship every inch of them right in-front of your screen.
Thank you my amazing tangang baboy for my sexy shoes and thank you loser jeft for my black lingerie dress. Thank you servant Timothy for my stockings. I thank you nature for creating an amazing goddess name Resha. 🙂

I will be back later just hold on and keep edging for me again and again!!

 Posted: 12 August, 2014

My today’s daily perfect outfit pictures are added for you to worship. Thank servant Timothy for my beautiful body stoking that I wore today.

Slaves Gallery that I updated today are

🙂 Resha Pet Gifts Galley
🙂 Timothy Gifts Gallery
🙂 Chuchu Gift Galley
🙂 Jeft Gift Gallery
🙂 Slave Craig Gallery.

Enjoy the pictures and thank you for all the gifts my servants. Beautiful Items for your goddess Resha from your Hard works. Will add more pictures of your labor soon.

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