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Here I am again. Your one and only Asian goddess. Who is so perfect and powerful is now posting something new for you to read aren’t you excited my slave, my property? You know that besides you giving me your money and wanking for me, buying gifts for me, it is also part of your healthy life style to read my post. It is for my servants to find out what the hell I am trying to say.. I love being the adorableasian that I am already am. I love that men loved me because I am being true to myself and if I don’t know a thing I am not shy to admit it and to learn more or find a way to know it is amazing.

I had a wonderful day today. Your amazing Asian goddess looks so perfect in her beautiful sexy outfit. sexy old rose pink dress, sexy silky pantyhose and amazing open toe black high heels for my perfect feet. I am so proud of my servant Babyballs for keeping his balls blue making them look like a pea. I am so happy that you spent all your money to me today and was not enough that you use your wife money to pay your important greedy perfect Asian goddess Resha. I am so proud of you.
I love how useful you are to me. Keep working and admire my beautiful pictures everyday and anytime you click and pay and no cum for a months for me. That’s an order, very serious I am not kidding. I am the boss, The owner, The living god, the goddess, I bring so much life and inspiration to every man life who luckily cross my way and stop to be mine in every possible way. So glad my slaves has found me in a right time and right place.

Other thing I want to announce that Reshapet images are added to my Resha Slave Collection Album and the link to his blog is added as well, sign in to the members area to see. Reshapet you are very inspiring. I thank you Reshapet for new Jessica Simpson Pink shoes, I thank you for my new purse and new pantyhose. Soon you can cum to your face for my outfit. If you are reading this you know you are not allowed to cum without my permission. It will be a while so enjoy the pain I blessed you.

I will be back later and you can enjoy my beautiful Asian self live in niteflirt for you to call and talktome or send a lot of your tributes anytime even if I am offline. It is amazing that I don’t have to tell you to fuck your wallet for me. You just do it right away as soon you think of me. This is the life that you been craving for to make me smile, have your self suffer and the purpose of your life is now crystal clear and that to serve your Asian powerful goddess Resha. Call me in niteflirt to talktome and send tributes and tie your balls to give me a beautiful day and shop to impress me. All your love and belongings are mine.

 Posted: 14 May, 2014

Your Perfect Goddess is Online right now. Wearing a perfect outfit. Black tight Dress, Sexy stockings and amazing high heels.

Visit perfect goddess Gallery and worship every single perfect picture of here perfect self.

Call me in nite-flirt to hear my perfect voice and see me on cam live in skype.

 Posted: 17 February, 2014

First day that I am back here. I had A good day and very busy in Niteflirt. Thank you servants for making me happy.

Thank yous slaves for all the gifts. Nice to be home with lots of gifts waiting :).I will share my gifts in non members area and members area soon.

Visit my members area to see my sexy outfit from Timothy. Sexy Black dress, shiny pantyhose, and very sexy High heels.

See you when timer turn Zero
Your Boss

 Posted: 27 November, 2013

New Pictures are added Visit them now.

Happy thanks-giving to all of you who live in North America.
Here are the Things I am thankful.

There are so many things that I am thankful for.

Here are the few of them

I’m Thankful Nite-flirt always pay me on time.
I’m thankful that I have a beautiful website
I’m thankful that I have a lot of shoes
I’m Thankful that I have lots of nylons
I’m Thankful that there always something inside me that want to learn more about life.
I’m Thankful that I have a Few collection of Really really good Slave online.
I’m Thankful to my mirror that always honest to me when I gain weight.
I’m Thankful that Banana is always soft.
I’m Thankful that I know how to fix toast with garlic.
I’m Thankful that I can Block cheap Callers in Niteflirt.
I’m thankful that YouTube taught me how to use my sewing machine.
I’m Thankful to my slaves who send lots of Gifts!
I’m thankful that my hair is longer than last year
I’m thankful that I’m 5-lbs heavier than last year
I’m thankful that there always a Creamy Vanilla ice cream in the store.
I’m thankful for all the advice I get from my servants.
I’m Thankful that slaves bow to my pictures.
I’m Thankful That I understand English
I’m Thankful That I can speak English.
I’m Thankful that people always think and changes for better.
I’m Thankful that Seven Eleven is open 24 hrs .
I’m Thankful that plungers is by the toilet when I need it.
I’m Thankful that ketchup is always red when I need them.
I’m thankful that I have a lot of wonderful dreams that can’t come true but worth of dreaming.
I’m Thankful that you smile when you see me on cam.
I’m Thankful that yahoo messenger is sucks but Skype is there to rescue.
I’m Thankful how hard to organize clutters.
I’m Thankful that I cant see the wind but can feel them.
I’m Thankful for the new recipes I learn lately.
I’m Thankful for not working out.
I’m thankful that you are reading this.
I’m thankful that you not crying right now.
I’m Thankful that you are thinking of me.
I’m thankful that you will see me on cam soon.
I’m Thankful to be part of you bills.
I’m Thankful that you visit my website a lot

Happy thanks giving!!! What ever it is you are thankful for ..you will be bless for more to thank for every year.

 Posted: 7 September, 2013

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 9/07/13” Added

New pictures just added in my members area. Yes You can kneel and wank for sexy Pantyhose Pictures. wearing my shiny ruffled dress today and sexy pantyhose from leggs and sexy pumps shoes.

call me in nite-flirt and lets have fun.

P.S Visit My Members area to see my daily outfit pictures and more.

 Posted: 17 August, 2013

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 8/17/13” Added

Wearing my beautiful Purple Shiny Tight dress, Push up satin Black Bra, Lil See trough Panty with tie on the side, Sheer Black stockings with purple back seamed and Purple Top band. And my Sexy Purple straphy high heels for you to worship.

Visit members area to see the pictures or call me in niteflirt to see me live on cam.

P.S Visit My Members area to see my daily outfit pictures and more.

 Posted: 9 August, 2013

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 8/09/13” Added

Sexy pictures just added, take a look and have fun with my pictures in member’s area. I will be around for a while in Nite-flirt call me and see me live on cam in Skype or yahoo or in my cute lil viewing room that you can view in any browser if you don’t wish to use any messenger.


P.S Visit My Members area to see my daily outfit pictures and more.

 Posted: 15 July, 2013

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 7/15/13” Added

Juts Updated my members area and expecting wankers to jerk off for me live on cam while on call with me in niteflirt


P.S Visit My Members area to see my daily outfit pictures and more.

 Posted: 30 June, 2013

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 6/30/13” Added

Happy Sunday Everyone. I just Added a new sexy pictures Wearing my today’s outfit-fishnet stockings, leather mini skirt, sexy black blouse, and my favorite butterfly crotchless panty :). I will be on for couple hours today. Call me in niteflirt for sexy hot cam show.

P.S Visit My Members area to see my daily outfit pictures and more.

 Posted: 29 June, 2013

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 6/29/13” Added

Just Added a Pictures of what I wearing today. Visit my members area to see them. If you are not a member Make sure to join niteflirt to pay for my website membership 🙂 If you Have question Email me. Have a happy Saturday. Its beautiful day I believe. 🙂

P.S Visit My Members area to see my daily outfit pictures and more.

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