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 Posted: 29 August, 2014

Hello my viewers and all of you who enjoy coming back here to read and see my beautiful pictures. I really appreciate that you are here again. As you see I am very sweet. Hard to imagine that sometimes I am mean. I enjoy being bad to my servants who loves me that way. But honestly I am not mean. I am sweet, loving and sometimes I get so turned on and I turn into a mean one. I don’t feel sorry to see my slave suffer (into safe level only) it does bring happiness to my heart and it boost the dopamine in my brain, the hormones who are responsible for more happiness that we all are addicted to. Well you are probably are very confused by now reading this and that’s okay. I like you confused anyway Just remember you are lucky being confused by Asian goddess Resha. Its fun to make men confused lol while women are already confused if she is reading this. They say women are hard to understand and that is because we are mysterious and we love to decorate we can not leave things plain too boring for us. we want them with colors specially in pink. Pink top and under wear for my sissy would be lovely to my eyes.

Well from now on I will try to write something a little longer in my website theadorableasian.com because I like to give you something to read. I know some viewers of mine come often to check my website updates regularly and even that there are not much to read they stay for hours sometimes all night and all day I personality think its awesome.

Also I know that my servants or non-servants really appreciate every time I give them something to read. Just like this Blah blah blah coca cola lol. Okay before I loose you I want to share why I am so happy today is that because I have more gifts coming from my servants. I have new mirror, beautiful chair , sexy pantyhose, purse, jewelry,books, make up etc. Multiple servants works hard for those gifts to land them at feet because I deserve them. I Thank you servants so keep it up. Other things that make me happy is looking my self in my big mirror and see beautiful me. So nice with long black hair omg! just love my black hair, you are right I adore myself too and its not crazy just lovely, go love your self too its free. I also love cake and ice cream and adore them they aren’t free.

Anyway I will write more later or maybe tomorrow. Normally I don’t know what to say or write but once I started doing my blah blah words I have so much more to share. If you think I don’t make sense that means you need vodka.
After you read this you go check on my new outfit pictures in my members area. I thank you my Great Servant for my shoes and sexy top. See you later everyone and thank you for being part of my life.

Members area is updated “TODAY’S OUTFIT 12/07/12” Added

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:)Pink Shiny Satin Nighty
:)Pink push up bra
:)Pink crotchless Panty
:)Pink tan thigh high stockings
:)pink Straphy with silver platform high heels
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 Posted: 10 July, 2012

Today’s Outfit 7/10/12

Read My outfit description if you want to know.

Burgundy red sexy dress
Black satin bra
black sexy panty
Ultra shine sexy tan stockings
Burgundy red high heels pumps
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 Posted: 3 July, 2012

I’m back ..be a good boy you must Kneel and stroke now.

Today’s Outfit 7/03/12

Read My outfit description if you want to know.

White front Button long sleeves tight Blouse
Satin Push up bra
Sexty lace panty
Shiny shiny tight black skirt
shiny aristoc tan stockings
Shiny pointed toe pumps with sexy heels
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See Photo Album of this outfit in member area :Added Today’s Date

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Hi Guys I noticed I am getting a lot of hits on my blog The adorable Asian or theadorableasian.com. I just wanna say thanks for coming here and checking out what its all about. I am sure once I get done putting stuff here you will love it and it will be convenient also for my followers who love sexy Asian pictures and sexy Asian videos. Everyday you will see a new pictures here and what outfit I’m wearing before you call me in niteflirt.
I just thought this is the easy way to answer to all the naughty boys emailing me or messaging me in missadora in yahoo or missadora in skype asking what im wearing for the day . ok guys i will see you soon and thanks for reading.

Your adorable Asian

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