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 Posted: 10 September, 2014

I am sure you are very happy to have something new to read from the woman you adore so much. That woman is me your perfect Asian goddess. I am the amazing thing that live inside your heart and constantly seducing your soul and make you a better worker for me. A slave whose purpose of living is to make me happy and satisfied.

I understand how you feel. I am so glad that these feelings such as pain, suffering, craving , excitement and inspiration are happening because of me. I am so proud of you every time you unload your wallet and hold on to your balls.

It is such a good place and it is an heaven for you to land your self here in my website theadorableasian.com every single day. when you are not able to see me live on cam and you still visit my site is such a relief of your stressful life. And when you get to see me live on cam and you are happily craving to get f*cked by me is such a heaven for your soul. I know that my servants love me so much even the times when they are muted and cant say a words lol. And when they drift away I honor them by remembering their service to my goddess life.

A good memory can not be replaced by any amount of money, some things that will me you smile when you are alone. I am glad that I always make every man smile. I love being one of your good memories for you my pet. An amazing memory with your goddess with a big hole in your wallet is such a wonderful combination. I can understand how much you appreciate your life that you have come this far being my pet. So loyal and dedicated. Okay after I have you reading this far I know you still don’t get my point and that’s okay. It’s good for you to wonder like that.

For the update inside my beautiful website theadorableasian.com, I have added new pictures of my amazing outfit. Amazing outfit from my servant Reshapet in classic pantyhose and pink baby doll and pink shoes by Jessica Simpson high heels are added. Thank you Reshapet for these outfits I really enjoy making them look amazing on me.

For today’s outfit I am wearing a sexy dress from my pet Jeft and sexy high heels for my Asian feet from servant Craig and beautiful sheer thigh high stockings form slave pet Jeft. I thank my servant Tinyballs-Manclit for making my day today. So pleased for all the tributes you have sent for your Asian goddess.

Ok my readers , Your perfect Asian goddess is going to end this post now . I will be back later to make more servants to suffer. I will be back and laugh at you while I f*ck you up. Another chance for you to make me smile. If your are not my servant Renew your soul and be my pet. My collection is expanding and I am loving it.

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