21+ Asian Goddess in stockings and heels. Phone and webcam performer! Get mindfuck NOW!

 Posted: 17 September, 2014

By the way my amazing website that is very much appreciated by my members and pets is updated so check out my beautiful outfits and pictures inside the members area.

*Outfit 09/11/14 — wearing my beautiful black shiny outfit that I made for myself using my talent lol. Sexy pantyhose is from my chuchu. Beautiful sexy shoes is from Paul. My servants love these high heels so much. Sharp pointy heels. Looks dangerous and deadly if I mistakenly step to your eyes. I won’t do that.

*Outfit 09/12/14 — Wearing my new Shanghai Chinese dress color red with black from my servant David-O. Talking About the new converted to slavery David-O I am glad you are turned into a perfect slave of mine. I remember you are not a slave when we first chatted lol but now I enjoy every act you do when I command you and tell direction. I thank you for my beautiful Asian Chinese dress. Sexy stockings from very devoted GreatServant. High heels —- From ahm from a slave long time ago lol.

*Outfit 09/13/14 — Omg!! This is so hot body pink stockings from my dedicated purple balls Reshapet.
Thank you pet. Thank you my pet and always cum all over your face that I own for my endless entertainment. My Golden shoes is from my greatservant. He knows that my goddess feet deserve all the gold in universe and he love them endlessly.

*Outfit 09/16/14 —Beautiful two tone dress from Paul. so tight that its crushing my big Asian breast. I love this dress. Tan stockings and beautiful black shoes with black bow from servant jeft. Wearing gifts everyday is awesome!

*Outfit 09/17/14 —Today outfit is my beautiful shiny blue dress. I made this for myself and its amazing!! So tight and the shine is hypnotic!! Makes my slaves who enjoys shiny stuff kneels forever and forget everything!! Pantyhose from slave Jeft and sexy shoes from slave Jeft. I will update your Gallery soon. All of you my slaves.

I really appreciate when slaves and members shows appreciation to my beautiful website I have. I love when you guys go in there.. watch and wank or simply kneel and adore me more hehe. Oh I appreciate that slaves let me know what they like the most when it comes to outfit. I know all my slave like me the most.

by the way I getting too many sexy pictures and sexy tease videos inside of my theadorableasian.com so if you are suffering of slow loading to see my pictures bigger. I suggest you stay here all day and load them all because once they are loaded its easier to load them again in your next worship to my sexy Asian pictures

missadoraslave thank you for another session and your show is awesome. So proud and happy watching you and taking your money. I love when you turn into a helpless pet and you are proudly serve your wallet and muscular body for me to use and take advantage to the max!!!

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